The mechanical keyboard enthusiast community has a long history which is sadly undocumented publicly (although authors like ThereminGoat is starting to change that) which leaves people new to the hobby in the dark. Aside from the jargon (such as Interest Checks and Group Buys?), there are a variety of complaints which include:

  • Why are keyboard components expensive?
  • Why are keyboard components frequently out of stock?
  • Why do we have to pre-order keyboard components that will only be available a year from now?

It might come as a surprise to some, but these three questions are all interconnected, and it’s not…

Whether you bought a custom keyboard or a pre-built one, one of the things you can easily customize are the keycaps.

The problem is, with all the keyboard layouts and designs, the number of choices can be daunting and people new to the hobby inevitably ask: how do I know whether a keycap set fits my keyboard?

While you can ask an expert for a definite answer for each keyboard configuration, it’s much more valuable to give people a framework so that they can determine it for themselves. …

Aggregating some of the best articles, essays, and reviews on mechanical keyboards.


Giving credit to where it’s due, a lot of mechanical keyboard enthusiasts got into the scene thanks to Taeha, a popular streamer who builds mechanical keyboards. In that sense, I’m a deviant in that I got into mechanical keyboards in 2020 without ever coming across Taeha. Living under a rock for the past decade is just one reason. The other is that I prefer to process information via the written word.

If you’re a fan of mechanical keyboards, the reality is that this community isn’t the most accessible. Aside from the costs involved, there’s lack of public information about the…

Project Dreams’s Theatrical Poster
Project Dreams’s Theatrical Poster
Project Dreams’s Theatrical Poster

It’s difficult to talk about film releases in 2020 when being able to watch a movie in theaters is, at best, a privilege, or at worst, a health risk. Thankfully, there’s online streaming (via the Japanese Film Festival), and the optimism of Project Dreams: How to Build Mazinger Z’s Hangar provides a welcome reprieve.

There’s a brand of science fiction that focuses on engineering and competence, such as how to survive in an unhospitable planet or how to construct a space station, usually with people’s lives hanging in the balance. Since Project Dreams is a comedy, it upends that premise…

How Online Platforms are Making Their Stores Financially Accessible

One of the sources of Steam Wallet Codes in the Philippines is Datablitz, a retailer that sells video games and computer accessories . I can pay P1,100.00 ($22.00) for a P1,000.00 ($20.00) Steam Wallet card if I pay in cash, or I can purchase it from their website for P1,015 ($20.35) if I use PayPal.

To many Americans, this proposal seems ludicrous. But then again, to those same Americans, they probably think that retailers like the Epic Games Store or GOG are a good deal. …

Why building the perfect keyboard for someone can be an act of love

Mechanical keyboard with rainbow backlighting.
Mechanical keyboard with rainbow backlighting.
Photo: Sunchai Borahem/EyeEm/Getty Images

As a writer — both aspirational and professional — one of the first things you learn is to use whatever tool is available. No electricity? Pick up a pen and paper. It needs to be sent via email? Fire up Microsoft Word and start typing. Having said that, writers have a favorite tool. Many novelists swear by Scrivener. Tom Hanks has a collection of typewriters. A couple of friends obsess over fountain pens and various inks. We all need a hobby, and sometimes the lie we tell ourselves is that this tool will be useful for our profession so it’s…

Four months into Metro Manila’s quarantine, I’m the type of person who has to walk to work every weekday (a 15-min. walk), ascend 14 flight of stairs, and go about doing my job for the next 9 hours.

It is imperative that I wear a mask, not just for my safety, but for the safety of others. But I also need to acknowledge my own privilege, at how I still have work when others have lost their jobs, and I earn enough income so that meeting my daily needs is not a concern.

It is from that perspective that I…

Several years ago, when I didn’t know any better, one of my proposals to a friend was that instead of braving Manila traffic, that it would be better to walk home if the distance was not insurmountable. Her reply made me re-assess my worldview: “It’s easy for you to suggest walking, since you’re a guy. Women have different safety concerns to consider.”

The opening scene of Door Lock, a thriller by director Lee Kwon, is reminiscent of that conversation: A young woman commutes home, wary of her surroundings. When she starts walking down the street of her apartment, she turns…

The film 祈りの幕が下りる時 (a.k.a. The Crimes That Bind), released in Japan last January 2018, concluded the live action adaptation of Keigo Higashino’s Police Detective Kaga series. In prose, the Police Detective Kaga series spans nine novels and a short story collection, while the live-action dramatization includes a TV series, two feature-length TV specials, and two feature films. Ironically for me, 祈りの幕が下りる時, which I caught at the 2019’s Japanese Film Festival, was my first introduction to Higashino’s protagonist.

Movie poster for 祈りの幕が下りる時

Despite lacking the context for the series, the film was quite potent and left a deep impression on me. Hiroshi Abe, who plays…

Disclaimer: There will be spoilers in this essay.

Growing up as an anime fan from the Philippines in the 1980s, it was culture shock to learn that the term I identified myself with at the time — otaku — had a different meaning in Japan. I had grown up consuming Western magazines and media, and I did not realize that the Western context for the term — that of an anime/manga fan — had different connotations in Japan — that of an obsessive addict. I share this story because in many ways, Pacific Rim does the same thing with kaiju…

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