Aggregating some of the best articles, essays, and reviews on mechanical keyboards.


Giving credit to where it’s due, a lot of mechanical keyboard enthusiasts got into the scene thanks to Taeha, a popular streamer who builds mechanical keyboards. In that sense, I’m a deviant in that I got into mechanical keyboards in 2020 without ever coming across Taeha. Living under a rock…

How Online Platforms are Making Their Stores Financially Accessible

One of the sources of Steam Wallet Codes in the Philippines is Datablitz, a retailer that sells video games and computer accessories . I can pay P1,100.00 ($22.00) for a P1,000.00 ($20.00) Steam Wallet card if I pay in cash, or I can purchase it from their website for P1,015…

Why building the perfect keyboard for someone can be an act of love

Mechanical keyboard with rainbow backlighting.
Photo: Sunchai Borahem/EyeEm/Getty Images

As a writer — both aspirational and professional — one of the first things you learn is to use whatever tool is available. No electricity? Pick up a pen and paper. It needs to be sent via email? Fire up Microsoft Word and start typing. Having said that, writers have…

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